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Artist's Statement & Bio

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My work reflects my response to the natural world

and to its layers of relationships and interconnections. I am inspired by the dry riverbeds of deserts with their carvings of wind and water, their layered outcroppings where people, animals and floodwaters have left behind ancient fragments. Being immersed in nature - in my garden surrounded by old trees, at my retreat SpiritSong, or on vacation at the ocean's edge - nourishes me and renews my profound sense of connection and awe. My human relationships provide another lens through which I focus and which subtly inform my work.

In the studio, intuition guides me as I let the work flow through my hands. My clay is hand-built by pinching and paddling, imprinting and layering. Wadi 2I create openings to expose interiors allowing patterns of light to move through them. In the ongoing Navigation Series, boat forms emerge during times of personal transition. Large open Vessels seem to fly out of my hands after a deeply moving interaction with another person.

Working with Monoprints color is the impetus as I layer pigments and textures onto rag paper. The spontaneity of this process excites me.

In contrast, my mixed-media Assemblages force their way out of me slowly, sometimes mirroring significant life experiences, often weaving together old and newer parts of my life. Juxtaposing various materials enlivens me and draws out surprising new ideas.

Collaborations with composers and choreographers have led to extraordinary generative experiences, culminating in dynamic interactive public performances.

SusanFoundry The strength and solidity of bronze has offered me yet another way to connect and transform diverse materials. Working with bronze was a new challenge and I became a beginner again. My first bronzes, The WomanSpirit Series, came directly from the inherent gestures of the earlier Ancient Vowel Series. These elemental figures in clay and bronze - witnesses, guardians, angels - embody for me the union between the forces of earth and spirit.

My passion is to communicate and share, through my work, my sense of reverence for life's extraordinary wonder and beauty.

Born 1939, New York, NY

New York University, New York, NY
Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

Brooklyn Museum Brooklyn, New York
Contemporary Ceramics, Novi Dvori, Yugoslavia
International Museum Of Ceramics Vallauris, France
Keramion Museum Frechen, Germany
Mint Museum Of Art Charlotte, North Carolina
Novo Nordisk Company, Denmark
Tennessee State Museum Nashville, Tennessee

Grand Prix, 9th Int’l. Biennal, Vallauris, France
Fellowship Grant, NJ State Council On The Arts
Collaboration Grant, NY State Council On The Arts
Residency Grant, Int’l. Ceramics Symposium, USA
Guest Artist, NJ Arts Annual, Morris Museum
Guest Artist, NJ Arts Annual, Noyes Museum
Purchase Prize, Ceramics Triennial, Yugoslavia
Juror’s Award, Zoller Gallery, University Park, PA

Gallery Dai Ichi Arts, New York, NY
Mendelson Gallery, Washington Depot, CT
Performance, “Heartspace,” New York, NY
Art Center NNJ, New Milford, NJ
L’Atelier, Piermont, NY
Montana State University, Billings, MT
Edward Hopper Foundation, Nyack, NY
Performance, Spring Valley, NY
Boca Museum Of Fine Arts, Boca Raton, FL
Koester Kunstkammer Moenchengladbach, Germany

Galleri Krebsen Copenhagen, Denmark
Mendelson Gallery, Washington Depot, CT
Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ
Worth Gallery Taos, New Mexico
Koester Kunstkammer, Germany
Ceramics Triennial, Zagreb, Yugoslavia
Fuller Museum Of Art Brockton, MA
Montclair State Art Gallery, Montclair, NJ
The Berkshire Museum Pittsfield, MA
Nora Eccles Harrison Museum Of Art, Logan, UT
North American Sculpture Exhibition, CO
European Traveling Exhibition
International Competition, Faenza, Italy